Oriental Rug
Washing System

"Engineered and Manufactured by
Rug Washers for
Rug Washers"

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Earn high profits, improve cleaning quality and all but eliminate post fringe detailing by using our complete rug washing system, including:


Rug Duster

Break up 90% of large particulate matter and avoid tangling the fringes by using the Wolverine with its 24-inch rollers. The ergonomic handle rotates 180 degrees for easy use.

complete immersion rug washing

Complete Immersion Rug Washing

Wash up to 15 moderately-soiled oriental rugs simultaneously. Centrum’s Star Rug Washing Tub mimics the gentle motion of hand washing. There are no brushes to damage rug fibers.

spin rug extraction

Spin Rug Extraction by Centrifuge

Remove 95% of the water in three minutes using our horizontal centrifuge, saving time and energy.

u turn

Centrum-Force!® U-Turn gets out animal urine. It is highly efficient, economical, unscented and hypoallergenic. It employs bio-based nanotechnology to solve the most challenging problems.

We supply training, equipment and cleaning agents

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